Tips to avoid Disappointment while Online Shopping

If today we buy more and more from Online Shopping Store, there are details to know to avoid pitfalls and disappointments.

Buying on the Internet has become a commonplace gesture for most of you. But do you pay attention to the essential points in order to avoid a disappointment or a scam? Here are our ten tips for buying well on the Web.

Respect the Legal Restrictions

To begin, know that it is forbidden to import certain products in US such as; for example, counterfeits or products containing certain dangerous substances (lead salts, nickel). If your purchase is intercepted by the authorities, you risk in addition to the seizure of objects, a large fine and sometimes even imprisonment (up to five years of imprisonment and 500000 dollars fine for the purchase of counterfeits).


The product you are looking for is probably available on several websites. Compare the prices offered by each other, but do not go headlong on the lowest price and do not crack immediately by seeing the words “more than 3 items available” . There are other elements that can finally make you choose a price maybe a little higher: delivery times, reliability of the seller, and his address in US.

Subscribe to Newsletters

If your purchase is not urgent, wait until an opportunity arises may be the right idea to pay a little less. There are of course the sales periods but not only. All the brands do regular special operations, exceptional offers and to keep you informed of these promotions, nothing better than to subscribe to their newsletter.

Read the Technical Sheet

If you do a search on the Internet for a given product, the answers provided give you a range of prices offered by different sellers. Except that you must not click with your eyes closed on the lowest price: it may not correspond exactly to your request.

To realize this, only one option: read the data sheet and the description related to the product. This is where you’ll know if the laptop you want has or not a disk drive / burner for example or the 77.95 dollars does not have a capacity of 480 GB but 240. Enjoy -in order to verify that the product you are buying is new.

Blogs, forums, social networks, sites sellers … platforms where we can find reviews on a product and / or a seller are numerous. Consulting several can help you make a more informed choice. That said; do not take all these opinions for cash. As we know, some of these tickets – both positive and negative – can unfortunately be fake .The only solution to “avoid” disappointments, cross the sources.

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