How long do nail wraps stay?

Nail wraps are stickers designed for nails and they typically last for five to six days if used properly. The longevity of the nail wraps also varies from brand to brand. If you want to shop premium quality nail stickers, check out these good collections of nail polish wraps at Nayls.

One has to take good care of their nail paints if they want them to last long. Similarly, you can ensure some steps that can increase the longevity of your nail wraps.

Prepare your nails properly prior to the application

For anything to last long, it is necessary to start right. Before the application of nail wraps, file your nails and smooth out the surface for the adhesive to stick properly. Clean your nails with nail polish remover and wash them with soap water. Afterward, get your nails dried with a dryer and avoid tissues or towels as they can leave dirt.


Always choose the right brand. There is a reason why people trust popular brands, they give you excellent service and the high-quality materials and strong adhesives deliver value. They might be a bit expensive but in the long term, they will never disappoint you. Therefore, no matter the cost always go for the right brand.

Avoid water and heat

It is necessary that you keep your nail wraps away from heat and water. They both damage nail stickers and weaken their longevity. Heat breaks the stickers and tears them, and water damages the adhesives. Therefore, be extra aware while cooking and showering with your nail stickers.

Extra Nail Adhesive

If you want to keep your nail wraps for a longer time, you can try applying extra adhesive prior to the application of the wrap. It will increase the sticking power of the strips. A word of caution, before you buy extra nail adhesives, make sure that they do not have properties that can damage your nails.

Gloss Coat

You can add a transparent coat of nail polish on the top of the nail wrap. It will give a glossy appearance and is one of the easiest possible ways that you can follow to keep the wraps stay longer. The application of a topcoat will prevent the wrap from damage and will keep the adhesive lasting longer.

Follow the abovementioned steps to ensure that your wraps stay for long. If you want to shop good collection of nail wraps and nail products, click here.