Closet Organization Tips and Tricks

Is your bedroom cluttered and your closet overflowing with clothes? Does your wardrobe look like a hurricane passed through it? Well, maybe it is time to think about reorganizing your closet. Without the proper strategy, it does not take long to get back into a messy state. It is a task that needs to get done regularly to keep your space looking pristine.

You will need to get several accessories to help you organize your space. Like baskets, hooks, and movable shelves, some of these are available at your local store. You can use a Lowe’s promo code to get these items at a discount. Most of the things you will need will not even break your bank. Here are some tips for organizing your closet.

Decent Purge

The first step is to purge your closet of clothes and things you do not need anymore. You can start by getting rid of clothes you do not wear, those that do not fit anymore, torn clothes, and those that are just old. Remove clothes you have not worn in six months or more; this goes for jewelry, too. You can sort your clothes into piles for keeping, donating, and tossing. 

Sort Into Piles

After removing all the clothes that will not go back into your closet, sort the items you will keep. Put everything back in the closet, working in parts. Begin with the hanging clothes, then go to the ones that go into the dresser. Also, sort your clothes according to the season: winter and summer clothes. Put away the clothes that you will not be wearing anytime soon.

Use Dividers to Organize

To organize your closet, you can use dividers such as baskets, which you can get from your store. Separators help to create a system to separate clothes. You can divide clothes by type, height, or bulkiness. You can organize your clothes by color if you are a visual person. Keep items you often use close to reach and hang your accessories on the wall using hooks.

Sort Your Footwear

Footwear takes up a lot of closet space, which can get quite messy. There are several ways to organize your footwear to fit well in your room. You can use shoe stacking bins which are an easy purchase. They do not involve construction and are easy to install. You can also use a shoe rack to keep your footwear off the floor.

Use the Space in Your Home

Take a good inventory of the space and shelving available in your entire house. Then decide which spaces you can use to store your clothes and shoes, such as a guest bedroom. You could also utilize part of your home office as a small wardrobe to keep some of your clothes or shoes. Experiment by taking some things out of your room, like your dresser or shoe rack.


Ready to handle your mess? These tips will help you organize your closet into a new space. Declutter your room, get rid of the old, and create space for the new. You can use these ideas to better utilize the storage space you have in your house.